What Being A Mum Means To Me: Joanne Townsend

Mum, What Being A Mum Means To Us

Written by Joanne Townsend

We all have expectations of what motherhood will be like before we have our kids. We have thoughts on everything we would do when it comes to sleep, feeding and even telling the small humans off and we plan to put it all into practice when the baby arrives. However, when your little person arrives in your life, it’s a shock to the system as reality kicks in. Motherhood is a wonderful, amazing, yet exhausting time of your life and it’s not something you can plan or really prepare for. All those rules you might have had before go out the window and all little people are so different with their own needs and opinions. Therefore, you can’t really plan how to parent your child until you get to know them and find out who exactly this amazing bundle of joy is. You also can’t anticipate the love you will feel for this little one when they arrive in the world. It’s crazy how protective you feel over this small human and how you will do anything for them. Even though you have just met them, it feels like they have been around all along. While you obviously change a bit when you have kids, it’s so important to remember you are still you and to use your own experiences and feelings to mother your child. After all, those parts of your personality make you the unique mum that your child will love.

Of course, the role of a mum is hard to get to grips with. Even with my daughter now coming up to 2 years old, I’m still learning my role as a ‘mum’. After all, every day your little one changes so much and there are new challenges to face as a mum.  Therefore, the role of a mum constantly changes and I expect this will continue throughout the whole of her life. For now, I ensure I’m the person my child goes to when they feel sad or happy. I love the fact she will smile over to me if she does something amazing or astonishing and the same goes when something upsets or worries her. I want to be the person who makes her feel safe and reassured. I also feel my role is to encourage her if she does something good and tell her no when she is doing something she shouldn’t. I also try to teach her new things and help her to develop and learn. That way, I hope she will grow to be ambitious and willing to try new things. I also show her how to be nice to others around us. Hopefully she will then will grow to be kind and respectful to everyone.

I love my role as a ‘mum’ and look forward to building that tighter bond as my daughter grows up.

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