Dad Interview: Amy and Kieran

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This blog post is all about Kieran, my amazing husband and Theo’s wonderful daddy. It’s nice now and then to think about what your partner thought/thinks during the pregnancy, birth and beyond. Hopefully they aren’t all one word answers ! As a pre-warning there may be some expletives in this as Kieran doesn’t have the best language. Read on and I hope you enjoy!


A: How did it feel when you found out you were going to be a dad?

K: It was a mixture of the unknown (which made it scary at first) and the joy of knowing that I would soon have a son/daughter.

A: How did you feel at the first scan?

K: Gobsmacked, it wasn’t the conventional first scan as we experienced a bleed and it was in A&E. It was only a little bean on the screen but I had so love for it. Then at the 12 week scan seeing him/her as a developed baby gave me a wave of excitement for the future as a family.

A: How did you deal with me being pregnant as a whole?

K: I didn’t!! We both struggled, you physically and me mentally watching you struggle. But I kept a brave front on seeing as you were going through it not me.

A: Was it weird watching my body change knowing that was your son in there?

K: Not really until he started kicking and then realisation hit that my child was inside you. I didn’t find it weird with your body changing, I knew it was gonna happen it’s just one of them things in life init (great wording Kieran). I was proud knowing that with your body changing so much you were still happy.

A: How did you feel when we had the gender scan… were you expecting a boy, a girl?


K: I was expecting a girl, but whatever the outcome was I would’ve been over the moon! It was now that I could plan what the future was going to be – playing football mainly 


Okay let’s get the important bit – the birth.

A: What were you expecting?

K: I was expecting to be in and out in one day not a stay in hospital – in out shake it all about, do the hokey pokey and Theo’s head pops out (yes he actually said that!!!)

A: How did you feel during the birth?

K: a mixture of scared for both you and baby, constantly excited and bored. I was so bored. But we cured it watching Netflix.

A: How did you feel holding him for the first time?

K: Words just cannot describe it.

A: What would be your tip for a first time parent surviving the first few weeks?

K: Don’t assume you’re an expert as the little one will prove you wrong everytime. They’re more resilient than you think so try and take in as much advice as you can from other parents and family. Oh and don’t drop the baby.

A: How do you think we have changed since Theo was born?

K: We have matured alot, we were mature before but we are now mature in a different way. Everything you thought you knew before, you didn’t and its hard realising that. No matter how much planning you put in the baby will shit on your plans – or all over you.

A: What is the biggest sacrifice you have had to make?

K: SLEEP!!!!!!!!

A: What is the biggest sacrifice you have watched me make?

K: Again, SLEEP!!! With a slight handful of ruined vagina (oh my god)

A: What are your hopes for Theo’s future? What do you want for him?

K: I want him to have a happy childhood, a good school life, to be smart but have fun at the same time and become a millionaire and give me some. Footballer, F1 driver or golfer I’m not fussed. (this is a joke he can be what he wants to be)

A: What is your FAVOURITE thing about being a dad?

K: Seeing his face light up every time I get back from work and the way it feels every time he says “dada”

A: What is your LEAST favourite thing about being a dad?

K: did I mention that sleep thing? My social life has dwindled but he makes up for it.

A: Finally, what is your favourite thing about Theo?

K: How well he’s progressing into a clever little boy. He’s walking before 1, he’s talking alot and he LOVES kicking balls above which is great for my future plans *wink wink*.


Hope this opens some eyes and makes you laugh!
Amy & Kieran 

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