Working Moms Review

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Written by Joanne Townsend

It’s hard to find a show which portrays a realistic view of being a mum. The soaps never seem to show the mums with their young kids; they are either upstairs or have disappeared while they get on with their life and they only reappear once they are old enough to have their own storylines. Other shows completely bypass the baby and toddler stage with the parents having older kids or teenagers. And they don’t have any depth or outside life apart from being a mother. When I heard about Working Moms through my friend, I thought I would give it a go. It sounds like a breath of fresh air to have a show about a bunch of women going through that tough first year of motherhood. Working Moms on Netflix is a Canadian show which is created and stars the wonderful Catherine Reitman. I have to admit it took me an episode or two to get hooked. But after that, I loved it and had to watch the whole series.

What I really loved about the series was the characters. They are all full of depth and are interesting in their own right. Of course, Kate is the main character in the show. But the other mums who go to the baby group are all just as prominent and have their own storylines going on. I like that they are experiencing different feelings and thoughts about motherhood, good and bad. The main character Kate is struggling with going back to work while juggling motherhood. She has a good position which she loves but also feels uncomfortable leaving her son. I thought this was very relatable in current times. There is a lot of guilt and judgement about mums wanting to return to work. When she was pumping in the toilets at work, I think a lot of mums would relate to this. I also liked her relationship with her husband which felt very real. Dani Kind’s character Anne was also an interesting addition to the clang. Finding out she was pregnant and trying to accept this was a poignant route to go down. After all, it’s not always a straightforward experience when you have further children. Frankie is one of the most complex characters in the show. Struggling from post-natal depression, we see her struggling to bond and fit into the role of motherhood. I thought it was very relevant to show her point of view and how she worked through it with her partner. Jenny was also another complex character who struggled to find her role as her husband was the stay at home dad while she returned to work. As she contemplates an affair, it shows how you can sometimes lose yourself when you become a mum.

I really enjoyed the different characters and the storylines as the show progressed. It was a very real account of motherhood and how it’s so different for everyone. It’s definitely worth a watch and you will laugh, cry and relate to a lot of experiences the mums go through on the show. Looking forward to Netflix uploading the second series!

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