My Celeb Inspiration: Giovanna Fletcher

Celebrity, Lifestyle

By Joanne Townsend

I remember the first time I saw McFly on the television back when I was in secondary school. I watched Five Colours In My Hair and knew that they would be popular. It was a fun song and boybands were in their prime during the early 2000’s. Just like One Direction of the next generation, girls loved McFly and they did incredibly well during those early days. I kind of ruled them out as another boyband and didn’t know much about the boys as individuals or anything about their personal lives.

As time went on, McFly stayed together which is a rarity these days. The boys did branch out and do other things and they all seemed really nice lads. In fact, I regret judging them in those early days as they all seem normal lads who are still good friends now. The first time I saw Giovanna Fletcher was when Tom’s wedding speech went viral. I didn’t know anything about her, but then I saw other videos such as when they were expecting Buzz and then Buddy. Their video of their growing pregnancies went viral. It was then I saw a book on the shelf which was written by Giovanna. As a chic-lit lover, I thought I would give it a go. I took it on holiday and I loved Dream a Little Dream and then read You’re The One That I want which was also a great book. I then got pregnant and decided to download Giovanna’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby book. I was slightly worried it would be a gushing account of being a mother. After all, from an outsider’s point of view she is married to a popstar and has access to nannies and a small fortune. And I have heard some other celeb mum’s books are like that. But it was such an honest book and it had moments where it made you laugh out loud and others where you totally agreed with what she was saying. I read it in those last few weeks of pregnancy and when my baby Lucy arrived. And I found it so relatable, especially when it came to feeding and sleeping.

I have followed Giovanna since on social media and amazed about how much she does while being a mum to her three youngsters. The boys look like they have such a happy life and Giovanna seems to be a great mum. I love how honest the posts are when it comes to days out with the boys. They are like a normal family and certainly don’t pretend to be anything else. She constantly talks about days where things don’t go to plan whether that is tantrums or not getting to places on time. And she has talked about her post-baby body in very honest detail. There has been no rushing to get back to her pre-body which I think is good for other mums out there.

I really enjoy Giovanna’s podcast too where she talks with other celeb mums (and dads too) about what it’s like being a parent. It makes these ‘star’ figures in the entertainment industry seem normal and it reminds you they are human too. While we might constantly see pictures online of them leading an amazing life, they have ups and downs when it comes to parenting. And I have been really enjoyed Giovanna fronting The Baby Club on Cbeebies. While I did do the whole baby group thing, it’s nice for mums that didn’t and Lucy loves watching the kids singing and all the activities they do. She has also released further books including one with her husband, The Eve of Man. I don’t know how she gets so much time in the day but I admire how much she does.

While I wouldn’t say I inspire to just be like Giovanna as a mum (all us mums are different, as are our little ones), I do respect her and love the fact she doesn’t attempt to be perfect. She’s just winging it and letting us join her for the journey of parenthood.

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