Having a Girl After 2 Boys


I have two boys Rupert (7) and Percy (4). When we found out we were expecting again it was a surprise to say the least. It wasn’t on our agenda, the boys were at an age that they were playing nicely together and we could leave them with the grandparents, they slept through the night, we had a life!

My 12 week scan measurements weren’t conclusive so I had to attend another scan at 15 weeks, to which a week later I had a telephone call from the senior midwife at my hospital telling me that the baby I was carrying had a 1/56 chance of being Down’s Syndrome.

I paid privately to have a test carried out which gives you a 99% accurate result. The next two weeks were agonising however the result came back that it was very low risk. We also had the sex of the baby confirmed. I think you can guess that it was a girl.

She would be the first baby girl born to our family for a long time and everyone was very excited.

People say girls are much harder than boys and she definitely gave us a run for our money from the get go and right up until the day she was born. Pregnancy was straight forward from then on.  Until one morning 2 days after my due date I went into hospital to be checked over as I hadn’t felt her move. Within 15 minutes I was having an Emergency C-section, I passed out during it and woke up in excruciating pain in my head so they knocked me out and I didn’t even know if she was ok or not until 7 hours later when I held her for the first time. Mabel born 31/10/17.

She had been born with a knot in her cord and it was wrapped around her neck, she had to be resuscitated. For me the bond between us couldn’t have been more stronger. I managed to breastfeed her (and still do now at 18 months old) I didn’t with the boys. It has made our bond and love for each other so immense.

The difference in a little girl for us after having the boys has been overwhelming. We expected it to be the same as having a boy after all it’s a baby. But she has taken up most of my time I think because of feeding her she has only wanted me from the beginning. She would scream if I wasn’t in the room like she could smell me.

I didn’t go out socially, she would have to come with me. We are only just starting to be able to leave her for a few hours now. It’s been amazing but tiring for me. I’ve been fortunate enough not to be at work all of this time so the apron strings are still tight.

She at 18 months old has the best tantrums, gives the best cuddles and kisses, has the filthiest laugh, loves a handbag and make up and pink things. But then so do the boys!

I am yet to experience the real girlie traumas like boyfriends and periods etc she definitely rules our roost. The boys adore her and they are very thankful there is another female to help clear up after them. We are most definitely outnumbered on the gender front, I’m going to need all the help I can get. 

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