Pregnancy Stories: Amy Grant

Mum, pregnancy

Written by Amy Grant

Finding out I was pregnant for the first time was one of the scariest yet exciting moments of my life. I had no symptoms, just a pure gut feeling and a stick I had to pee on. It was faint but DEFINITELY positive!

The first weeks of sickness, tiredness, headaches and mood swings flew by and before I knew it I was bloated out and stuck into maternity jeans – which F.Y.I are the comfiest trousers ever..

The first scan then came around, Kieran and I were so excited to see our little baby even if it was just on a screen. I was in total awe watching this little baby wriggling and somersaulting around inside my tummy. My due date was estimated as the 27th May 2018.

At 17 weeks I felt the first movements. They were like tiny little bubbles at the bottom of my stomach – the cutest little bubbles. After that kicks were raging around my stomach left, right and centre (& in my ribs).

Things started to get a bit challenging when Theo’s movements started reducing every so often resulting in a lot of monitoring at the hospital and trips up in the evenings. Every time I would lie there with these things strapped to me hoping and praying that I would hear a heartbeat. Thank god I did every time.

At 37+5 they decided to induce me to bring Theo into the world a little bit earlier.

You can read about Amy’s labour story on Mum & Style, or over at her blog site here. Also make sure you follow Amy’s Instagram @that_mum_life_.

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