Labour Stories: Amy & Theo

Labour Stories, Mum

Written by Amy Grant

PLEASE don’t read this if you are squeamish or can’t handle the use of the word ‘vagina’!

When the day came for induction we drove up to the hospital super excited to finally meet Theo. We went through the generic questions and monitoring before the pessary was inserted to start the labour!!

Here are a few things that no one tells you pre induction:

  • Take enough food to potentially last 2 long long days of nothing happening and eating out of pure boredom.
  • How many different people you will have examine your vagina in those days and that all of the dignity you had left after pregnancy SWIFTLY leaves as soon as induction begins
  • The amount of time you will spend walking & walking & walking to “try and get this damn baby out“
  • All of the messages you will receive asking if there is “any sign of the baby yet” or “hurry up and go into labour”

The annoying thing about the pessary is that you can get start getting contractions and think finally “WOOHOO I’m going into labour” just for some devil dressed in blue to tell you you’re not even in labour yet. I got some diamorphine and went off to sleep feeling disappointed and fed up. The next morning the pessary was replaced with a new one in the hope it would work this time. We passed the time by watching Netflix, walking around and sleeping. Then the time came!!

I was sent up to the labour ward at 10.30pm at 4cm, only to be told when I got up there that his head was still in front of my cervix and I was just 1.5cm. So the midwife decided to pop my waters – with something that I can only imagine was a crochet needle(???!?!!)

Well, that’s when the shit hit the fan…

The contractions came thick & fast and within an hour I was 9cm and pushing. I pushed and pushed with everything I had but he just wouldn’t come out. The midwife called for the doctor who said he was stuck. They told me they would have to use forceps to bring him out. However, his heart rate was dropping very low and they didn’t have time to give me any anaesthetic so had to cut me with me only on gas and air.

It’s hard to remember all of the details as it was all such a blur. A very strong memory was watching all of the midwives and doctors flood in in anticipation of Theo being in poor health when he made his arrival.

After some rough tugs from the doctor with the forceps and a lot of pain, our baby boy was finally brought into the world and placed onto my chest for the very first time. Nothing will ever compare to that feeling – all of you mums will relate!

He did not need any extra help, he was perfectly healthy (thank God) . He just wanted a dramatic entrance!

The feeling of holding Theo did not last for long as I began to have a Post Partum Haemorrhage and lost alot of blood. Kieran got some special bonding time with him though which I’m extremely happy about as their bond is stronger than ever now.

Everything finally settled down, I was stitched up and we could begin to enjoy our life as 3.

Theo John Grant
Born at 5:02am on 13/05/2018
Weighing 6lb14oz

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